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Micronet Solutions has been providing consultancy services since it began operations in 1991. We offer a wide range of consultancy services but our main focus is on building information technology (IT) systems for the small to medium enterprises (SMEs).



Your Network Is Our Business


Diagram showing a basic wired local area network (LAN)
[diagram courtesy of 3COM]


The above network should be familiar to small businesses as it consists of a small number of computers sharing files and a printer. This kind of network is the most basic for small businesses and cost savings can be had because expensive resources like colour laser printers can be shared by many users.


Micronet Solutions has vast experience building such networks using 10 Mbps co-axial and 10/100 Mbps UTP cabling. In the past year, 1000 Mbps networks are beginning to become popular with many of our medium sized enterprise clients.


You can be sure that Micronet Solutions will deliver solutions for your enterprise, whether you are a small or medium sized business.



Catering for Your Growing Business


Diagram showing a growing network with a wireless network connected to a wired local area network (LAN)
[diagram courtesy of 3COM]


As your business grows, your needs become more demanding. Your offices may also expand and more staff will be using your IT infrastructure. Busy sales personnel may demand wireless connection in the office to download important sales data and price lists before visiting their customers. They may also need to upload orders received after an overnight out of town sales trip.


Micronet Solutions offers a range of solutions that will enable your enterprise to expand its basic wired network to cater for your wireless needs. We can help you design and expand your network as your business grows.



Complex Networks Built From Humble Beginnings


Diagram showing a full blown network, with dedicated servers, broadband Internet access and high speed GigaBit ethernet links as well as a wireless network.
[diagram courtesy of 3COM]


Small businesses that grow and become medium sized businesses need not fear network expansion. If you have been our clients when you were a small business, we would have advised you to build your network that will be able to scale up when your business grows. As such, many of the elements of your old network will still form an integral part of your larger network.


IT never stands still and during the growth of your business, Micronet Solutions will be constantly advising you on how to keep your IT infrastructure abreast with your organisation's business development. We will make sure that as your organisation's business grows, your IT systems are in place to give you the necessary support that a growing business needs.


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Micronet Solutions offer both hardware and software products to enable you to build your information technology infrastructure.


Although our range of products is comprehensive, you may still wish to purchase your hardware and software from other sources. E.g. many of our existing clients have corporate accounts with Dell Computer. They will purchase their hardware and software from Dell, but Micronet Solutions acts as an advisor to help them place their orders for the correct equipment.


Some of our clients have been using our services for over 10 years. We are a complete solutions provider for small to medium enterprises and have a great deal of experience and a good track record for providing our clients with good advice and after sales service.

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