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Here are some super deals to sweeten your purchasing experience!


You have the option of paying now through Microsoft® Open License program or over 3 years through Microsoft® Open Value program.
What is Microsoft® Open Value program?
A new option under Microsoft® Volume Licensing,
the Open Value program is a premium offer for
small and mid-sized organisations with less than
200 PCs.

Open Value Benefits:
bulletImproved management of software ware costs
Up-front licensing costs can be minimised by choosing to pay in 3 predictable annual instalment payments.
bulletSimplified License Tracking
Enables companies to standardise their desktop software, under a single agreement.
bulletBetter controlled upgrade cycle
Grants the rights to run any version of the software giving you the flexibility to stay current.


*Terms and conditions apply. Offer applies to selected Microsoft® products only, up to a maximum of 30 licenses of any desktop and server CAL product category and up to a maximum of 2 server licenses per product category per customer. For Open Value Program, the 30% discount applies only for year 1.
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