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We are proud to be associated with MYOB Asia as they are developers of one of the easiest accounting solutions for small and medium enterprises. Not only are the solutions easy to learn and use, they are low cost too.


With excellent integration with the Microsoft Office system, you will have a powerful and comprehensive solution for your business information needs.


Please peruse the information below and click on the links to the MYOB website to get more detailed information.



Helping Asian SMEs to Mind Their Own Business
The MYOB Family offers a choice of three accounting products
each designed for the needs of Asian small businesses. In addition,
MYOB provides specialised products for payroll and point-of-sale.
MYOB Products
Which of our accounting products is right for your business?
Which one is right for you?
Why choose our products?
Accounting Products Features Comparison
Accounting software
Point-of-sale software    
Which one is right for you?

We've tailored each of our products to the needs of specific types of businesses. This section will help you discover which one is right for your business.
Why choose our products?

Find out why so many Asian businesses rely on our products to help them mind their own business.
This site contains information for the Asian version of MYOB products only. Unlike other software products, accounting software must be tailored to each country's accounting and tax laws. If you are looking for information on MYOB products in another country, please visit our global home page at
Which of our accounting products is right for your business?
Do you need multiple users accessing your data at the same time?

As businesses grow they often need to have multiple people using the accounting system at the same time. If this is the case for your business then you need a multi-user accounting system like MYOB Premier
Do you do business in multiple currency?

If you need the freedom to sell goods and services in multiple currency and want to track your exchange rates on a daily basis, then MYOB Premier is the software for you.
Next consider your type of business

One of the simplest ways of classifying businesses is to break them into these two categories:
Item-based businesses -- sell goods (and perhaps services) and need to keep track of inventory levels
Service-based businesses -- provide services (and perhaps goods) but don't require inventory tracking.
If you have an item-based business then you will need MYOB Accounting. Not only does it allow you to keep track of inventory but it has some other powerful features required by businesses which deal in items such as:
Automatic build, buy or backorder
Comprehensive purchasing
Automatically calculates volume customer discounts
If you have a service-based business you can use either MYOB FirstAccounts or MYOB Accounting.

MYOB FirstAccounts is designed as an ideal first accounting system for small service businesses. It is a great starting point.

MYOB Accounting offers more power, flexibility and analyses. You can start out with MYOB FirstAccounts and easily upgrade to other MYOB products when needed.






























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