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E Business



We offer a range of products and services that will help you to build and grow your business with confidence.


Basic Hardware, Software, Computer Networking Consultancy

If you are starting a new business you are most likely to need some form of advice or consultancy as to how to set up your information technology (IT) infrastructure so that you can manage your new business effectively and efficiently.


Please click on the Consultancy button on the left to find out more.



Business Accounting Solutions

If you run a successful business, you would want to know how your various business sectors are performing. We have accounting solutions for small and medium enterprises (SME) that range from simple accounting, retail outlet accounting, single and multi-user multi-currency solutions.


Please click on the Accounting button on the left to find out more.



E-business Consultancy, Web & Email Hosting

If you are an existing (or new) business and would like to tap on the vast opportunities that are available on the Internet but do not know where to start, please contact us for an insight as to how you can add this dimension to your business in a cost efficient manner. We will take you from the basics of connecting your business to the Internet to full blown e-business planning and execution.


Please click on the E Business button on the left to find out more.



Customer Relationship Management

With all the business that is coming in from your outlets and from the web, managing customers can become a tedious and thankless task. We have solutions that leverages on your existing IT infrastructure to give you a good customer relationship management solution.


Please click on the CRM button on the left to find out more.



Multimedia - audio and video capture and editing

If you are a creative organisation, you will realise that IT can help you realise the creativity of your personnel with greater ease and speed. Our multimedia solutions will help you build a sound IT infrastructure for your multimedia business.


Please click on the Multimedia button on the left to find out more.



Data Security and Backup

Any business that has an IT infrastructure will have corporate data stored on its servers, desktop and notebook computers. As such, there will be a need to ensure that you valuable assets (company data) are well protected against hackers, virus attacks, human errors or hardware and software failures. We have data security, protection and backup solutions for you.


Please click on the Backup button on the left to find out more.


If you purchase hardware and software, standard manufacturers' warranties will be offered. Please enquire before placing your orders.


Our guarantees for services are negotiated separately in accordance to your requirements.



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