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Data protection and security is now a top priority in many large organisations because many hours of work is lost everyday through the need to deal with viruses, spam and other data loss. We provide a comprehensive range of solutions to deal with this everyday chore and the diagram below from Trend Micro illustrates the challenges that organisations face in protecting their data every day.


Outbreak Management
Gateway ProtectionNetwork ProtectionMail ProtectionServer ProtectionDesktop Protection


Desktop & Client Solutions

Products like Norton AntiVirus 2004, Trend Micro PC Cillin and McAffee VirusScan are commonly deployed for this function. We recommend that all personal computers in your organisation is installed with desktop antivirus solutions to protect against accidental or malicious virus attacks.



Outbreak Management

This kind of management software makes monitoring and counter measure action much easier for the system and network administrators in the event of an attack our virus outbreak.Trend Micro Control Manager™ is a centralised outbreak management console designed to simplify enterprise-wide coordination of outbreak security actions and management of Trend Micro products and services. 


Network Protection 

Your network is constantly being probed for weaknesses by hackers, spammers and other people who wish to cause mischief. McAfee® IntruShield® provides real-time detection and prevention of network intrusions against enterprise and government networks. The innovative IntruShield architecture integrates patented signature, anomaly, and Denial of Service (DoS) analysis techniques, enabling accurate and intelligent attack detection and prevention at multi-gigabit speeds.


Email & Groupware

By enhancing a system with centralised antivirus protection on a mail server an administrator can ensure that the system is always equipped with the latest virus signature files and thereby protected against all the latest virus threats.

F-Prot Antivirus for Exchange is designed for use on Windows 2000 Server, Windows 2003 Server as well as Windows Small Business Server 2003. F-Prot Antivirus for Exchange can therefore provide its high speed, high quality protection to both small-, as well as large-scale users of Windows servers.


McAfee® SpamKiller® for Mail Servers delivers rules-based, industry leading anti-spam protection. With 5-levels of unmatched spam protection and tuned for performance, SpamKiller provides up to 95% accuracy, with low false negative and positive detection, right out of the box.


Internet Gateway

Gateway protection can either be hardware of software implemented. We have several products from McAffee, Symantec and Trend Micro to help protect your Internet Gateway and reduce the risk of data loss through a breach of gateway security.


File Server & Storage

What's the best way to avoid downtime? By setting up a backup-and-recovery scenario that lets you protect data with little or no noticeable interruption of business operations.

Today, many backup operations involve tape drives and tape robotics. In addition, companies prefer to leverage tape technologies because media can be remotely stored for disaster recovery purposes. Now it's becoming feasible to enhance these tape-based solutions by incorporating disk-based data protection techniques. A combined disk and tape backup solution provides impressive benefits, including performance enhancements and cost savings.

Although disk is not likely to replace tape in backup and restore operations, the technology can play a valuable role in reducing your backup window. For example, you can quickly execute backups from disk to disk, and then push the data off to tape for longer term or off-site storage.


We have backup solutions from Veritas and CA Brightstor that will help you manage these operations effectively and with a minimum of fuss.


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