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Micronet Solutions was established in 1991 to provide Malaysian business users with a one stop solutions provider for their corporate Information Technology requirements. We noted that many of the computer vendors those days were focused more on selling as many boxes as possible but not enough on providing a full service to the discerning end user.

Micronet's mission was then, and still is today, "... to deliver the most cost effective medium to long term information technology (IT) solutions to the corporate IT user..."

What We Can Offer

We realise that many Malaysian buyers are totally confused by the vast variety of technologies that are presently available in the market. Many of our existing customers had made purchasing errors in the past because not enough emphasis was paid to developing their IT strategy.

Before you buy
Consult us before you make that important decision to buy. We can advise and help you avoid purchasing items that are not suitable or where there are alternative options that may be more cost effective. Our consultancy services are at your disposal to enable you to use your financial resources more effectively.

During Implementation
We offer special services to our clients who may not have in house IT expertise. We can help you implement your IT plans during the "action phase". This include staff training, installing and configuring your hardware and software to your exact requirements and many other services. While these services are chargeable, they would still be lower than the cost of employing your own IT staff.

After Sales
IT equipment, like any other piece of equipment, need maintenance. Mechanical parts wear out and break down, even electronic components have finite lives. We can provide all the after sales service to keep your equipment running in tip-top condition.

After a period of time, as your organisation grows, you may wish to conduct a systems review. We can help you in this too - so that you may ensure that your old investment is protected while you scale up your IT resources.

Networks, Internet, Intranet, Extranet, E-Business...

We have always been a networking company (it is in our name!) right from the beginning and we continue to deliver solutions in this interesting and challenging area of IT. Our solutions include all the big names (and not so big ones) in networks - 3Com, HP-Compaq, IBM, Intel, Lotus, Microsoft, Toshiba, Sony and many others.

Today's networks are rather complex, with different types of hardware, software and security issues to consider. Let us help you find the optimum solution for your business.

Whatever your networking plans are, you can rest assured that we can deliver solutions that meet with your budget, technical, reliability, performance and other requirements.

Feel Confident, Feel Good!
When you deal with us, you can be assured that our people know what they are doing. Do not be afraid to tell us what you want - we will not fleece you, coaxing you to buy all sorts of unnecessary equipment and software!

Our solutions are designed for businesses and nothing else. We want to be your business partner, helping you grow and providing the solutions to ensure that the growth is protected and sustained. So, when you buy from us, you know that you are buying what is good for your business - because what is good for your business will also be good for ours! home

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