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We are presently putting together a Malaysian Buyer's Guide for your convenience. This will take some time and we will publish them as soon as they are ready. The Guides will fall under the following categories:


bullet Basic Office and Home System - for basic word processing, spreadsheet, internet email and web surfing use
bullet Notebook computers - this is PC Magazine's Buying Guide
bulletPC Workstation -
bulletfor multimedia (audio & video capture, editing and production) Akan Datang!
bulletfor technical & architectural tasks Akan Datang!
bullet Enthusiast's Gaming PC - for power users, games addicts and overclocking enthusiasts
bulletNetwork Hubs, Switches, Routers and Wireless Access Points - for those building networks Akan Datang!
bullet Entry level small business server - file, print and internet sharing server for the small office with 20 or fewer users
bulletWorkgroup server - file, print, internet sharing, email, database and application server for up to 150 users Akan Datang!



We hope that these guides are useful to you!


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